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Hotline 091-109-3911

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Exclusive distributors of California scents in Thailand.

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Laguna Breeze

California Car Scents®.Laguna Breeze flavour

Our Laguna Breeze flavour is inspired by the beautiful beach situated in California, this fragrance...


La Jolla Lemon

California Car Scents®.La Jolla Lemon flavour

Our La Jolla Lemon flavour is inspired by Lemon Orchards of the world, this fragrance...


L.A. Lavender

California Car Scents® L.A. Lavender flavour

Our L.A. Lavender flavour is inspired by the rolling hills of Los Angeles, this fragrance...



California Car Scents®Ice flavour

Our Ice flavour is inspired by the antarctic, this fragrance captures a cool ice scent...


Hawaiian Gardens

California Car Scents®.Hawaiian Gardens flavour

Our Hawaiian Gardens flavour is inspired by the tropical paradise of Hawaii, this fragrance captures...


Golden State Delight

California Car Scents®. Golden State Delight flavour

Our Golden State Delight flavour is inspired by affluence of the world, this fragrance captures...


Gardenia Del Mar

California Car Scents®. Gardenia Del Mar flavour

Our Gardenia Del Mar flavour is inspired by the lush gardens of the world, this...


Fresh Linen

California Car Scents®.Fresh Linen flavour

Our Fresh Linen flavour is inspired by freshly washed linen, this fragrance captures comforting memories...


Desert Jasmine

California Car Scents®. Desert Jasmine flavour

Our Desert Jasmine flavour is inspired by a tropical paradise, this fragrance captures an unique...


Concord Cranberry

California Car Scents®.Concord Cranberry flavour

Our Concord Cranberry flavour is inspired by Christmas, this fragrance captures an inviting and cleansing...


Citrus Splash

California Car Scents®. Citrus Splash flavour

Our Citrus Splash flavour is inspired by a natural sanctuary, this fragrance captures nature at...



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